Check Out This is 77-year-old Kitesurfer

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They say age is nothing but a number, and this kitesurfer surely puts that to the test. Meet Dave, a 77-year-old from the UK who is the subject of this short film by James Callum and Alex Knowles. He’s been kitesurfing for the last eight years and windsurfing for the last 40.

“It’s lovely, you set a course and it’s like flying on a cloud,” he says in the five-minute film, “If heaven is like this, I’d be very happy to go. You go out there and you’re just oblivious to the problems in life and you go as far or as little distance as you like. It’s beautiful, it’s a different world and any problems and any hiccups. They just bypass you.”

Even though he’s been windsurfing for so long, he didn’t do it nearly as much until his wife tragically passed away almost 17 years ago. She was diagnosed with breast cancer after not feeling good one day and passed just two days later. Such a sudden loss completely out of nowhere gave Dave a brand new perspective on life.

“When I saw that, I thought I would change my life and I started living life all the time,” he said. For the first three or four years he was away doing things around 9 months per year. He was windsurfing, snowboarding, skiing and kiting all around the world. After four years of that he had recovered enough and was ready to join a “natural life” again.

“After I seen how my wife left this world, I changed my way of thinking. It could be tomorrow I’d be gone, so I live each day to the full. You never know when you’re gonna go,” Dave said, “Although I think I’m healthy, I could be dead tomorrow. Hence why I do all the things that I do.”

At his age he’s past the point of being bothered or even worrying about what people think. He just does whatever he feels and thinks if other people had the guts that they would we want to be where he is. Dave does admit he’s physically slowed down over the last ten or fifteen years, but his ideas about life haven’t been slowed down at all.

“I’ve learned a few lessons over they way, but I’m, still basically the same person. I’m an old man, with young thoughts. That’s not going to change and the day it does change I will die,” he said, ” And when I die and I am getting near the end of my life, I’m hoping that this kite is up there.”

The short film by the two directors is part of the “Prime & Fire” series that focuses on the lives of interesting people in action sports. Take a look at the film above.



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