Kite surfing lesson: How to Water Start
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Kite surfing lesson: How to Water Start


Wish You Knew How To Water Start?

This tutorial will show you the right steps to keep safe while having fun!

Step 1

Basic Water Start Technique


I hope that you all know that previous proper lessons are a must, in order to keep safe during exercising your skills and taking on the next level – how to water start.

First, place your board downwind. Try to maintain the kite at 12 o’clock. Then, straighten your leading foot to point your board slightly down wind, while you simultaneously dive the kite into the higher power zone.




Step 2

As a beginner, you may face a few common problems, such as the body/board position or keeping the kite in power. To get the board position correct, you have to try to understand which directions indicate downwind, cross wind or upwind. Downwind is the direction the wind is blowing, while cross wind is at 90 degrees left or right.

Board speed can be achieved by pointing your board somewhere between cross wind and downwind. If you aim directly across wind or upwind, you may expect to experience trouble.

When you are first practicing water starts, it’s essential to be out in lighter winds.

Step 3

In order to reach higher power zone, you must steer your kite faster. Your kite will always be flying forwards, unless you stall it.



The power zones are indicated in the next image, which also illustrates a successful water start. Learn from the classic mistakes of wrongly pointing the board cross wind instead of downwind. Pointing your board correctly will help you gain speed.


Remember to follow proper lessons and train efficiently!

You can view the video turtorial here as well:

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