Liquid Shade Improves on Traditional Sunscreens

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There’s a solution for uncomfortable sunscreen blotching up and getting in your eyes. At last years Surf Expo we were intrigued by Liquid Shade, a gel sunscreen that claimed to be a new universe of sunscreen.

We spoke to Cody Doody of Liquid Shade about what separates their product from other sunscreens.

“I hate sunscreen. I don’t like any lotions being anywhere around me cause they’re thick and they’re nasty,” he said, “your experience when you go outside is not supposed to be thick and¬†blotty and I got to feel like I’m wearing something whenever my arms are exposed.”

It’s the only pure gel sunscreen that’s been FDA approved. The clear gel completely absorbs into your skin unlike traditional sunscreen. It takes anywhere from 6 to 10 minutes to be completely absorbed and to leave your skin dry and protected. The biggest place this makes a real difference is on the users face. Sweat or water won’t cause it to run down your face so it can never get into your eyes once your skin absorbs it. It has a water resistance of 80 minutes.

“We’re clear, we dry quick, we’re hypo-allergenic and we’re waterproof,” said Doody at the expo. It took Liquid Shade four years to get all the testing and perfect their product. It runs for the same price of normal sunscreen. Doody says the consistency of the gel is key.

“I don’t really like the sprays because you don’t really know if you’re spraying it on your arms if you’re getting all the good stuff spread evenly,” he said, ” with the gel it’s the same consistency through and through. It’s consistent it goes on quick and it feels great. I think I got the best applicant on the market.”

Liquid Shade also offers a women’s line that has a different scent.



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